Sacred Texts

African Age of Reason Alchemy Americana Ancient Near East Asia Atlantis Australia Basque Baha’i Bible Buddhism Celtic Christianity Classics Confucianism DNA Earth Mysteries Egyptian England Esoteric/Occult Evil Fortean Freemasonry Gothic Gnosticism Grimoires Hinduism I Ching Islam Icelandic Jainism Journals Judaism Legends/Sagas LGBT Miscellaneous Mormonism Mysteries NativeAmerican Necronomicon New Thought Neopaganism/Wicca Nostradamus Oahspe Pacific Paleolithic Philosophy Piri Re’is Map Prophecy Roma Sacred Books of the East Sacred Sexuality Shakespeare Shamanism Shinto Sikhism Sub Rosa Swedenborg Sky Lore Tantra Taoism Tarot Traditions Thelema Theosophy Time Tolkien UFOs Utopia Women World Religions Zoroastrianism